Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Packing up...

Holidays are ahead of me, but my adventure with stamps, coloring, cards or DT doesn't stop. On contrary actually as I'm bringing my Misti, COPICs, inks and stamps along with me.

As I'm going to meet with some crafty girls on my journey, I prepared myself a few die-cut stamps so that we can all color and learn from each other during out friendly meet-ups.

I prepared some "how-to" for coloring with COPICs, I'm not a specialist whatsoever, but I love sharing my passions and knowledge:

YG01, YG05, YG07, G07:

Added the base (E25, E23) + star  (Y13, Y15, Y38) and white gel-pen accents: 

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  1. Uwielbiam ...słodkości nie trza mi czekolady:)